Hi I'm Troian -- But you can call me TJ or Toi. I'm a daughter, sister, mother (to three angel babies) and wife. I'm also a book nerd, nature lover, adventure seeker, and aspiring urban homesteader, well I will be when we buy a house. 

We are going to do a Cliff's Notes version of where I am from and where I have lived. I was born on February 12, 1996 in Tacoma, Washington. I lived there until I was probably two and then headed to Port Angeles, Washington, and if you haven't heard of the town it is because it is on the other side of Puget Sound. From there my mom moved her and I to Devil's Lake, North Dakota when I was 6, don't believe it is a real place google it because it's real. 

When I turned 9 we moved to West Fargo, North Dakota until I was 12 and we packed our bags into the car again and set our sights on Idaho. Conviently we broke down in Idaho Falls, not but we did make it to our destination of Eden, Idaho which we stayed there for 4 years. From Idaho we moved to Nova Scotia, Canada and enroute to Nova Scotia we went through Ogden Utah. The reason I mention Ogden, UT is because it is a funny story. My mother turned the correct way on a one way street, then she went to a gas station and turned the wrong way and stopped at the light until I said, "The light won't turn green." She turned off that street quickly, then we got onto yet another one way street and then turned around on another, until we finally reached our destination: Costco. My mom got out of the car, Bob (yes we named him), and slammed the door yelling, "Stupid Utah Mormons." I cracked up.

I lived in Nova Scotia for a year and a half. Then I moved back to the states, leaving my mom in Canada, and moved in with a "friend" for about two months in Northern Missouri. Then I moved to Kansas City for six months. During this time I met my now husband and we got engaged and moved me down to Rolla, Missouri in which I have lived for now six years. Next year it will be a record for me staying in one city. We have had 4 places together, a twin miscarriage who were boys, and a single miscarriage who was a girl. We have grown over these 6 years and will continue to grow. Follow along on our journey.

I'll be sharing and checking in weekly, so make sure to subscribe to my blog to be the first to know when new posts are live! You can also follow me on instagram at @troianmillz. Thank you so much for being here, I look forward to hanging out together. Feel free to drop a comment or two, because this blog was created as an outlet for me, as well as being a place to connect and inspire one another.

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