Gardening in an Apartment

A couple friends and I started a garden. This is my first time gardening in a very long time so we decided to start small this year and next year go bigger. Especially since I can put a couple extra buckets outside of my window next year.

This year we started out small, well small for us, with tomatoes (a few different kinds), peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, strawberries, and various herbs: cilantro, basil, oregano, lemon balm, and mint. Yes it is a ton of stuff but we have both gardened previously so it seemed like the right amount of plants.

I love getting my hands dirty as long as my nails aren't long, which means I need to cut them because getting your hands dirty is good. Nature is my element so gardening is just second nature to me. I never really worry about the plants because I know God will take care of them, and that's how I grew up. Even though we were never in the same state every year, we moved every 3-6 years, we almost always had a garden. My mom was a single mom and was never able to go water the garden everyday, work, cook from scratch (Yes I cook from scratch 90% of the time and I learned that from my mom and my mother in law), and take care of me. We weeded when we could, normally once a week because of her busy schedule.

Coming back to our garden, we chose buckets because that is what the landlord is letting us use. We are lucky they are letting us garden. I cannot wait until we own our own home and nobody can tell us that we can't plant. But I am getting ahead of myself. But the buckets have half manure mixture and half soil in them. We got two of most every plant we have so more grows. I would rather have excess than have too little.

My love for gardening started when I was about 4 or 5, it could have been younger but my memory goes back to that point. My mom always hands on with me, and would let me just get my hands dirty. Because dirt isn't bad for you, it is actually really good for you, even the research proves it. I had such a hands on mom for her being a single mom most of my life, and I am glad she instilled gardening in me from a very young age and I will do the same with my children.

They aren't the best quality but I am definitely not a professional and these were taken on my phone and it is not an iPhone 11 max pro or whatever they are called. I'm in love with how the garden is progressing, and cannot wait until we can reap what we sowed and have fresh garden vegetables.

Do you have a garden? Are you in an apartment or in a house? What did you plant? Answer down in the comments.

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