My "baby" turned one, and my Spotify playlist.

My "baby" turned one. No she is not my biological child but who said any child has to be your biological child for you to love them like your own. I was there when her mama found out she was pregnant, I went to her first appointment and heard her heartbeat. I was there when she had us both believing she was a boy until the ultrasound tech told us, yeah she is a girl. I was there when mama went into labor at 34 weeks & 1 day. I watched her be born. I watched her parents (my husband and I included as extra parents) seem agitated until she could come home. I was there the day she came home. She is my baby, and nobody can tell me any different.

She was born April 19, 2019 and she weighed 4 pounds 8.5 ounces and was 18 inches long, yes she was tiny and long but if you knew her daiya (Kurdish for mom) you would understand why.  I am going to upload some photos and some videos. The last one was a few days from when she turned one, and yes I got to see her walk for the first time but didn't video it.
First time I met her and I got a smile.
First Picture

Yes we got her ears pierced, if you don't like guess what it was her daiya's choice. 

She was fine right after this! And her earrings do not bug her.

Cannot believe my baby is standing.

The last three photos were taken at her first birthday party. I wasn't there, because she lives half a world away from us now, but I was able to facetime her, talk to her, and sing happy birthday to her. I miss her more than life itself. Like I said, who says that a child needs to be biologically yours before you love said child. If anything, you loving another person's child like your own, gives you a perspective about loving another person and be willing to give your life for said child. Yes, obviously I will love my own children the same way and will be willing to give my life for them when they come but to be willing to do that for another person's child gives me a deeper understanding of what being a parent is.

That is Alma's story, now lets get into my May tunes. It is only eight days into May but I have been rocking out to these tunes, on repeat. I listen to it while I'm in the garden, when I'm doing my homework, while I am cooking dinner, and while my husband and I are out on a walk. Our Stay at Home order has been lifted, but I am still mostly staying home unless its for grocery shopping or for the upcoming holiday of Mother's day and going to my mil's house for the weekend to celebrate with her. I have so many reasons for staying home, mostly due to the fact that a second wave could possibly hit but since we are all in this time together I thought I would share my tunes!

Comment below what you are listening to, and if your state or country has opened up!

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