My Husband turns 29

My husband of almost 6 years is 29 tomorrow. He is a hard working man and he just got a second job to get us out of debt faster. I am gonna use this blog post to brag on him.

I was 18 when we met and married. And in these six years we have ups and downs, we have our heartbreaks and we have moments when our hearts soar. In these six years we have gotten pregnant with twins, found out they were boys, and then lost them, then we waited and waited and got asked and asked when we were going to have kids, we got pregnant 4 years later with a single and I automatically knew what I was going to have and that was a girl, and I miscarried her on February 13, 2019 the day after my birthday, and now we are waiting to have kids.

Another thing that has happened is we have left the Mormon Church. And year 5.5 to 6.5 has been the best year of our life. The year when he went from 27 to 28 and then this year 28 to 29 has been the best year of our life.

He went from job to job trying to find the right fit. Had 6 jobs in 1.5 years. But he finally found his place at the job he works now. And then we took a look at our finances and we decided since I cannot work, that will be discussed in another blog coming up, that he would look for a second job that will work with his current schedule. He finally found a second job that will work around his crazy hectic first job.

For his birthday we will be going to the drive in movie theater near where we live. Twister is playing. I love that movie and will watch it over and over. We already went out to our favorite buffet and steakhouse. And he is taking a week off to use vacation days and also take some time with his parents.

But I am seriously so grateful for him. I will never give him up and I will never ever let someone disrespect him. I am a feminist but I also believe that my husband has a more higher authority than I do to make decisions. We are equals and he knows that and I have a big mouth and never shut up, you can ask him. But I also believe in God's hierarchy with God, then Jesus, then the husband, the wife, and then the children.

Happy 29th birthday Babe, sorry we are still mostly stuck in the house! I love you and love spending my life with you!

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