Our Debt, Our Plan to get out of Debt, and What we Will do When we Are out of Debt.

Like I said in my first blog we have 110,000 dollars in debt. Let's go back to 2008, my husband was 17 and I was 12 (Yes babies), he got an acceptance letter to Missouri University of Science and
Technology and he also got a four year scholarship (Mostly a free ride for 4 years). His mom and dad helped him get private loans to cover the rest of the costs of each semester. So from 2009 when he graduated high school he went in July for HGR (Hit the ground running, cheesy I know). Fast forward to 2014 (Yes five years passed between when he started college and when we met.) when we got together he had accumulated 25,000 in private student loan. When we got married he was almost exhausting his federal as well. March 2015 he dropped out and by then he had about 29,000 private, 72K federal, and he had student loans from school of about 10k. I got 17k in the first two years of our marriage.

That is a break down of our debt. Now should we have ever gotten student loans? Nope. Do we wish we hadn't? Yes
 So we will now head to the next phase: Our plan to get out of debt.

Because of Covid-19 our federal student loans are deffered so we are focusing on his private ones because they have the highest interest, and yes we have them deferred too but we want to get them paid off. So we are currently paying about $250 a month on them. But we are looking at increasing that payment. Paying off his private should take 9-10 months.

Once we are done paying off his private we will be moving onto my federal, yes Dave Ramsey is least to highest but for us we wanted to get out of debt faster and this was the way. My federal should take between 6-8 months to pay off.

Once we are done with mine he should have about 65k left on his (unless we get that stimulus package of 2k per month per person over 16) and it should take us about 1 year or more to pay those off. So all in all it should take us two - three years to pay off the debt.

Our sick and tired of being sick and tired moment: I had been talking about leaving Missouri, due to I'm a Gypsy (keep you're opinions to yourself at how I label myself) and I like roaming. My great aunt has lived in Texas all her life except 3 years. He said " We don't have the funds to move." I said, "Well we need to find out how to do it." He said, "Alright, we will have to stay here til we get out of debt or mostly out of debt." I said, " We will stay until we are out of debt and until we have the money to have a years worth of expenses."

That is our debt and our plan to get out of debt. Next is what will we do when we are out of debt? Buy a house, start a garden, and be self sustaining. Ever since leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormons as most of everyone else calls them, we have become way better at doing our finances. We aren't "obligated" to give 10% to a church that has 100 billion dollars and got another 54 billion from the government for coronavirus. We aren't stressed out at how are we going to pay our bills or how will we put food on the table. I am getting out there and excersising way more. I go out in a tank top and my husband doesn't even question it. I have a code to follow but it's ours. But I went off on a tangent, sorry. Anyway as I was saying we will move, buy a house with some acres and start our own garden. I have an outline of the garden and how I want it.

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