What we used our Stimulus Check for and our May 2020 Debt total payoff

We got our 2,400 on May 6, 2020. We went to the bank and took it all out and went to our credit union to deposit it. We decided to pay off my medical debt and his tuition bill. I also got a couple books because you always need books.

The first debt we paid was my three debts for Phelps County hospital. The first two were to the medical group in the total of $92.75 and $63.64. The third one was for the emergency room visit for a total of $250.18. The reason this ER visit was so heavily discounted was because the hospital gave me a huge discount.

The second debt we paid was to my medical debt in Texas County, Missouri for another emergency room visit because the Rolla hospital is incompetent. Maybe in another blog post I will go into that. That total came to be $824.50 for that emergency room visit.

The third debt we paid was to his tuition bill. That totaled $953.21. The reason we had this debt is that he tried to go back to school to complete it, but he chose not to and we got a bill in the mail for it. Glad we got this debt out of our hair.

The fourth debt we paid was only a payment but it was to his student loans in the amount of $204. So the grand total of the first two and a half weeks in May is $2,388.28.

On May 15 we paid Discover Student Loans $200 so that brings the total to $2,588.28 paid in debt.

The final total for May Payoff is $2,588.28.

Let's go for June Pay off! I am so excited to be paying off more and more debt per month.

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