What's on my Night Stand 5-20

I am still over here wondering if this is the new normal. Trying to figure out if we will ever be able to hug our friends again, or if we will be able to go into a crowded store without having to wait. I am still social distancing, honestly I was social distancing from people I didn't know before it was popular. The six items I have been obsessing over focuses on my mental and physical well being. I am trying to keep it together everyday.

What about you? Is your state open? Are you venturing out? Are you staying at home like we are? Let me know what is on your nightstand, and keep scrolling for mine!

 Entertainment Weekly
 I got this to read because they have amazing articles. I try to distract myself from the news, and reality because of everything that is going on. Trying to make sure my mental health doesn't shrivel up because of everything going on. I also enjoy being able to turn pages. Once I am able to get my national geographic magazine that will be on my nightstand as well.

I started this book because of Genevieve Padalecki and her wanting to start a Now and Gen book club. I read 5 chapters in one sitting because it is so addicting. I have a lot more to read but I am so ready to read it.

Another book club that I am in, if I get into another one I will be in way too many two is just fine. I am loving this book too. I can only read a small amount at a time because it is not fiction but it is an amazing book. I am loving this book to get back to God since I left the Mormon Church, and this has really helped me.

My Journal
I bought this journal in 2014 when my husband and I got married. I keep not writing in the journal, but I need to keep writing in it because I need the memories, just like this blog gives me. I also always keep a few pencils nearby in case I need to write extra. 

Always need to keep hydrated. I am a diabetic so I have to drink tons of water. But I would anyway because water is really good for you. Yes I use water bottles but I actually recycle them. I am trying to find a good reusable water bottle but no luck on any I have tried. 

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