Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I have always prided myself on not being racist, being an ally of Black people, being an ally of the LGBTQIA community. But looking back, researching, and looking inward I have noticed I have not actually been the best ally for either. And being a perfectionist that is very uncomfortable to admit. I always want to make sure I say the right thing, but I will mess up. I have been researching the best books for how to raise my children to be better allies.

I have also said I am an advocate of the earth but I haven't even scratched the surface on how Black  environmental activists and how their perspectives can advance my understanding of the issues I care deeply for. I have recently also started following more people on Instagram who I found that I needed to follow.

So where do I go from here? What can I DO moving forward? This is most definitely not a short term party, it is in fact a very long term marathon. I'm still barely scratching the surface and I am very sure I will make mistakes. There is a lot to learn on my part and I can't fix it overnight. I am committed to educating myself and my future family to be apart of the solution, however long it takes. I pledge to be more mindful of who I support and who I connect with.

Below are some of the steps I have been taking to turn my talk into action this week, as well as some of the valuable resources I have come across. I would love to hear what you are doing to educate yourself to make a real change in this world.


A meaningful way to support and better understand of Black, Native Americans, and other people of color is to watch, read, and share the content they are already creating. I was introduced to amazing of the anti-racists educators, activists, and artists this past week and I am loving their content. My new must follows:

Mikaela Loach
Green Girl Leah
Mary Heglar
The Conscious Kid
Sustainable Brooklyn
Rachel Ricketts
Michelle Saahene
From Privilege to Progress
Layla F Saad
Climate in Colour
Whitney R McGuire
Dominique Drakeford

I want to buy some of BLK + GRN when I can because I am already interested in so much of their stuff. I also signed this petition to have major retailers dedicate 15% of their spaces to black-owned businesses. Sephora has already pledge to do so and I'm so grateful to them. I'm calling on other companies to do the same! I don't have as big of following as a favorite blogger of mine, YET (maybe never but a girl can dream) but please sign the petition.

Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children In A Racially Unjust America A hard read but very essential for all parents to read. Why it is on my list to read!
White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism Another hard read but very essential especially for me, it is very hard for me to talk about racism. Why it is on my list to read!
So You Want to Talk About Race I do want to talk about race, which is why this is on my list to read!
Between The World And Me This book talks about how to raise a Black child in the current climate in America.
The Meaning of Matthew: My Son's Murder in Laramie, and a World Transformed A book about a boy killed for being gay. Now his name is synonymous for gay rights but before 1998 he was just Judy's son.
All sHE wanted Living as a transgender man, twenty-one-year-old Teena Brandon hit the dust bowl town of Falls City, Nebraska, on the run from his family in Lincoln-- and from the law for forging checks. He was handsome and sophisticated and an instant success with young women. In a terrifying incident on Christmas Eve, Brandon was brutally raped when her female parts were unmasked. Then on New Year's Eve, Teena Brandon, her roommate, and a friend were found shot to death in an isolated farmhouse.


Be the Change you want to see in the world. I know I will!!

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