How I feel about George Floyd's Murder

My reaction to the murder of George Floyd is absolute sadness. He kept saying over and over again that he couldn't breathe. That Police Officer kneeled on his windpipe until he died. It is so heartbreaking that the other Police Officers just stood by and watched. Great they all lost their jobs, now they need to be arrested for aiding and abetting that Police Officer in the murder of George Floyd. And the Police officer that kneeled on him should be going down for 1st degree murder not 3rd, if he had killed a white mad he would be getting 1st degree.
I was a part of a 1 day hunt called Gish, it is hosted by actor Misha Collins from the hit show called Supernatural. We had other stuff planned (this hunt was planned about a month ago) but then this injustice happened and we all didn't feel like we could do whatever he had planned before because we needed to talk about this. I am a light skinned person, I am not Caucasian I am Hispanic and Native American and I also happen to have a tiny bit of Black in me and my maternal Aunt is half Black, and I know I have white privilege because of my skin color. I created that sign, and it is still up, because I want my Black brothers and sisters to know that I stand in solidarity with them.

Here is a link to the YouTube channel where the zoom panelists talked about what we can do. I will also include a link to how we can support the Black community and become better Allies. We cannot fully understand what they are going through unless we are a part of that community and because I do not look Black I have more privileges than they do and I shouldn't. 

Anti-Racism resources

We are not free at all until we are all equal. Enough is Enough. We need to take a stand and not allow this injustice to continue. I will raise my children to be strong allies of the Black community and of the LGBTQIA+ community seeing as they have a family member in there. And no I don't have any living children yet. Please let us support each other and make sure that injustice stops with us. We need to stand up and make our Country the best it can be for it's people.

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