My father in law is in the Hospital - Again!

Around 1 am on Wednesday morning he had my mil take him to the hospital in Houston, MO. They got him hooked up and tested him for Covid-19 (standard practice). A little over 5 hours passed and they said they found his white blood count was down and they were sending him via Ambulance to Rolla (where my husband and I currently live).

At 4:52 pm on June 3, 2020 I called my mother in law to tell her we had been talked to by someone that she needed to know of. While on this call she asked to talk to my husband, Rob. She then told him that dad was in the hospital and that because of corona-virus and my father in law's compromised immune system she is the only one able to visit. Rob got pissed off at that, being he is one of the people that should be able to visit. He ranted, and is still ranting, but as long as we can feed mom and make sure that she is doing okay I think the other kids will know we are doing all we can.

We thought dad was going to be able to be released on June 4, 2020 but he was not able to be released. He started running a fever. And so this is the day we first got mom a sub sandwich. We will do the same thing tomorrow and until he is released. I called my sister in law Georgia first to make sure she knew what happened. Then I killed the youngest sister Kelli. She wasn't even told so I had to tell her her father was in the hospital and that he had a fever and that his white blood count was down. She said to keep her updated and call her anytime if there is an emergency.

This is a scary time for my family as my brother in law Jimmi died 2 months ago today April 5, 2020. We do not want to lose my father in law so close to him. I don't want him to suffer any longer but I am selfish right now in not wanting to lose someone just 2 months after losing someone else close to me. I will update in a new post when he is doing okay.

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