Starting Back to Work at Dollar Tree

I worked at Dollar Tree in 2018 from April to August. I showed up to work, heck I walked my fat ass (I am def over weight) 2.2 miles. Up a hill with an incline of 45° I believe and it was above 75° and very humid the day that I did so. They called I jumped. I had a rough time last time and so I gave a months notice. I got a few write ups because of customer complaints, and other reasons.

Fast forward to June 8, 2020 I restarted at Dollar Tree and this time it is going way better. We even got me a bike to take back and forth to work if need be. Mostly either to or from. Depending on Rob's jobs. So far I am really loving it. And I have a few funny stories that I will share.

First Funny Story:
This customer is in my line, and he sees me wearing a mask, the day before employees are mandated to wear a mask, and he shouts "Oh my God, its just the f*cking flu this bullsh*t needs to stop and the media needs to stop with the narrative." And I respond, "Well I agree but" and he stops me and says "I know you have to wear it" and I reply, "Actually not yet but I wear it because my father in law has cancer and I am immunocompromised." And he said, "Well I feel sorry for you" And I said, "Don't be, I am okay." Then he tries to put the dark green cart into a light green cart and I say "The light greens go with the light greens and the dark goes with the dark" and he replies "Cart lives matter because ya'll separate them" I said, "No that is just how the carts go because that is how they are designed."

Second Funny Story:
This customer comes in and she has a huge cart full. She is grumbling "All these little items I got way too much." And I looked at her and said, "If you give me a total to stop at I can." She snapped, "No keep going." So I scanned everything and the total was almost at $150 and she said, "I spent way too much. I haven't been out of the house in months." I concluded the transaction, gave her her receipt and told her to have a wonderful day.

Third and Final Funny Story:
At Dollar Tree managers have to verify fifty or hundred dollar bills. So I called the acting store manager up and waited about a minute or so and then recalled her. She yells "I'm coming!" And I and about 4 customers, including the one trying to pay with a fifty starts laughing pretty hard and were still laughing when she finally came up and she said, "Well I was coming."

I hope you enjoyed the stories! I will see you in the next blog. Stay Safe!

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